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About Us

Fujian Dehua Guanjie Ceramics Co.,Ltd. of flower pots ,christmas products and other ceramic crafts.Devoting herself to R&D, design and production of various ceramic handicrafts. Since its establishment in 2006, we have a team of over 30 R&D professional and technical personnel .Guanjie Ceramic has its own factory buildings of 40,000 square meters with good production equipment, spacious and clean workshops and skilled production staffs of more than 300.

Product Category

  • Flowerpot

    Ceramic flower pots are made of environmentally friendly materials, breathable and conducive to plant growth. We produce a variety of indoor pots, outdoor pots, a variety of sizes, reasonable prices, welcome inquiries.

  • Ceramic Vase

    Professional ceramic manufacturer, our factory can provide all kinds of ceramic vase customization. Reasonable price, welcome to inquiry. Ceramic vases are fired at high temperature and hand-painted, beautiful and fashionable.

  • Holiday Products

    Professional production of a variety of holiday ceramic crafts, OEM are welcome .Holiday lights, ornaments, storage jars, welcome inquiries.

  • Daily Products

    We produce all kinds of mugs, bowls, spoons rests, plates, cookie jars, candy jars, piggy banks, accept customization.Products with reasonable price and excellent quality, welcome inquiries.

  • Simulation flowers

    Simulation flowers, it is dyed evenly and naturallywith clear texture , the visual effect is more three-dimensional than the ordinary flowers.



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